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Photographic memories from a horsey childhood.

Sunday 29th July 2018

Last week I went to a really lovely party. My friend for over 40 years, Pearl, had her 90th Birthday a couple of weeks ago. We spoke at length about the many, many days that her daughter and I spent riding her ponies, and having imaginary Olympic Show-Jumping competitions in the fields at her home. The fences were a couple of linen props balanced on a couple of upturned buckets, but we didn’t care!

My love of horses began at around 8 years old when the lady my Dad worked for taught me to ride on an old nag called Orlando. I looked like a pimple on a elephant as he was much too big for me, but a gentle giant. I remember that when I was good enough to go out for a ride on my own I had to trot all of the first mile away from the yard as if I didn’t he would stop dead and back into the nearest ditch!

I think I am about 8 here grooming the lady's other two horses before I even started to learn to ride. C.1970.

This is me on my dear old Orlando about to go for our first  solo hack. C. 1973.

We never had enough money for me to have a pony of my own so as I got older I began to cycle to the local horse shows and offer my help to people competing there in the hope of being given a ride on their horse. It was at one of these that I met Pearl and her daughter Diana, then aged about 6. We hit it off, and I found they lived close enough for me to bike to. Many fun years followed, with pony club, horse shows, smelling of manure and covered in mud.

Another friend at the yard, Heather, and I after getting our prizes in one of our 'shows' at home c.1976

Heather on Trigger c. 1976

Diana aboard her brilliant Shetland, Tommy - unbeatable at gymkhana games c. 1976

Me on my beloved friend Rocky with my ribbons from a show out somewhere. C.1976

My love of photography must have been in the back of my mind as I had to record all these little moments on my little pocket camera. Without these precious prints my memories of 40 years ago would be duller. My albums are very dog-eared and the sticky pages not so sticky anymore so I have to be careful photos don’t fall out!

Years later in my 20s I went with a neighbour to visit a riding school near Halesworth, about 10 miles away, to watch their daughter’s lesson. Having had a break from horses for several years I thought a horsey morning out would be good for me. What that visit was worth to my future with horses! Of course I then wanted to ride again, and booked  a lesson for the following week. This lesson was a catalyst for another friendship of over 30 years, and many new adventures, including finding my very own horse.

You will have to wait until next time to find out where it took me.

Lisa x

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