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Welcome to my Blog page. Here you will find out what I have been up to each month, with images and stories from my commissions.

Who is Lisa North?

Sunday 18th June 2017

I firmly believe that one of the most important things about working with clients is that we have the chance to get to know each other a little before the shoot begins. This has proved a key part of the process of helping them to feel relaxed in front of the camera. Most of that pre-shoot time chatting to clients about the lives, and very little about me, which is how it should be I think.

Many of my business contacts don’t really know much about me beyond work so I thought I would put a bit of meat on my bones – metaphorically speaking.

I am a Norfolk country girl through and through. My roots are in North Norfolk, and I lived there until I was about 6 before we moved South to near Bungay. I still love going to my favourite childhood places near there whenever I can.  This was the day after a recent wedding job in the area at the river in Little Thornage near Holt. I played in the river with my sister on many summer days after school, and on holidays with Nanny & Grandad.

My Dad worked as a gamekeeper as well as breeding and training gundogs, mostly black Labradors. Hence my love of dogs, especially Labs. Our own dear girl, Cindy is now 12 and very grey. Officially she is my husband Malcolm’s dog but we love her equally! 

Horses have paid an immense part in my life too. Having learned to ride on the ponies owned by my Dad’s employer when I was about 8, I spent many happy years bombing around on various borrowed, and eventually owned, equine friends. Sadly, my last beloved horse, Twiggy, died aged 30 in 2001, and now that I am self-employed I no longer have the time to look after a horse. 


My childhood sweetheart Malc and I married in 2007. We met again through Friends Reunited in 2003 after many years, and now enjoy domestic wedded bliss at home and on our holidays. These are not especially adventurous, however, as I am not a keen flyer.  We like to book a beautiful cottage somewhere in the UK so Cindy can come too. Below is us all on the beach in Dorset.



Having rambled on it's time for some quick fire info:

I love …..


Chocolate … in all forms

Hugh Jackman (who doesn’t?)

1920s/30s/40s style

Horses, dogs, cats - all animals, in fact

Coffee at 11 and Tea at 3 (with cake of course).

Dancing to my favourite music in the living room.


I hate …..


Flying – turbulence scares me senseless.

Insincerity in people

Chinese food

Really hot weather

Politics - yawn!

One day I said I would write my own autobiography. It's not for anyone else, just for me. This is so that when I can't remember stuff anymore when I am really old I can read about my life. Some may think this is strange, but in my business making memories is what it's all about.

It is going to be a really busy next few months as I am expanding the studio into another part of the same building. With lots of weddings to do too I may not spend much time sitting down!


telephone: (01379) 855129


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