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Welcome to my Blog page. Here you will find out what I have been up to each month, with images and stories from my commissions.

Bridal Boudoir

Thursday 24th May 2018

Looking for that something special for your husband-to-be?

I remember watching fashion guru Gok Wan's programme 'How to Look Good Naked' for the first time and thinking how brave the ladies taking part were. Especially when they were reclining in a shop window wearing nothing but a fabulous smile; "No way Jose!" thought I, though I later met him in Jarrold's book department a few years ago and he was charming.

It was a tremendously successful process for the ladies involved, even though it made us consider the fact that every other woman is beautiful, but not ourselves. Self confidence and body image have a wide scale of measurement, from those who adore their body beautiful to those who hide all of it under a baggy sweater, with even their partners/husbands never having seen them naked. ??We felt their 'feel good' factor when they saw themselves, and their images. So why aren't we all doing it? Fear of exposing our less than perfect body to a photographer, hating having our picture taken anyway and worrying that we will be disappointed we don't look as good as they promise we will.  Hating the way we think our bottom, thighs, flat chest or double chin look does nothing for our personal confidence. On the upside we all have our best bits too - lovely hair, good skin or beautiful eyes. Good boudoir photography balances focus on our best elements whilst sensitively portraying the bits we are not so keen on, so that it produces an overall glimpse into the beautiful sexy woman inside. A tease.  As a client you are always in control of what you wear and take on or off.

I wanted to give my ladies the absolute best experience that I could. The whole nine yards. I have just received a feedback form from my latest Boudoir client. In answer to my question of what she liked about the shoot her answer was-

"The chance to be the main event! The make up, hair, bubbles and the professional shoot" 

Your Boudoir photography album can be whatever you want it to be, and is an absolutely fabulous gift for your fiancé to open on the morning the wedding.

Each client is an individual and so my shoots are tailored to suit them specifically. I have had a Boudoir shoot myself and can vouch for the way it makes you feel fabulous about yourself, both during the shoot, and when you receive your images.

Whilst I cannot show many of the images from my clients' Boudoir experiences below are a few of those that I can show. Thank you to my ladies for allowing me to show these. Age, body size and shape, and disabilities and disfigurements are no barrier to a fabulous Boudoir experience. We have the bodies we were given and they are all beautiful; they are what makes us us, and we should celebrate our femininity.    Do it - you won't regret the experience.

The lady that completed the feedback form added these words about her experience with me in the studio - "The whole process of the Boudoir shoot was, quite simply, amazing. Although it was done as a gift for my husband I also gained from it. My body confidence has sky rocketed, and Lisa got some brilliant pictures. The experience is one I would recommend to everyone; something I will never regret, or forget. Thank you so much" Mrs L.

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Parents portraits for posterity and my Dad

Thursday 10th May 2018

My Dad, Brian.

This is my Dad. He is 85 this year, and Norfolk born and bred. 

How did he get that old? 

It seems only yesterday that he used to take me, aged about 12, to work with him on the Hedenham Estate near Bungay. He was a Gamekeeper for years and I loved going out into the countryside, and learning about the woodland and its inhabitants. 

Although Dad appears in many family photos I do not have a real representative image of him in his golden years. He rarely gets in front of the camera these days, so I had to strike whilst the iron was hot and he was visiting the studio earlier this year. 

This image was taken very quickly despite the lighting having been set up with care the day before. I just sat him on the stool and we carried on with the conversation we had been having and I just took a few shots. This one stood out for me. Having processed the image I just loved the lived-in look of his face. He worked outside for all his life until retirement. 

It is a very emotive image for me and epitomises my Dad’s wonderful character. Even though he is not smiling broadly he is relaxed and happy, and I am proud that he is my Dad. 

To cap it all his image has won my first ever Gold Award from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. Thanks Dad  x.

About Parents Portraits for Posterity

Time passes and before we know it our parents are retiring, collecting their pension and becoming grandparents or great-grandparents.  In the rush to make sure we capture images of our kids growing up we can forget the importance of documenting our parents lives too.

Parents Portraits for Posterity is my way of giving you the chance to capture the special character and spirit of our dear mums and dads. It is a special session of up around an hour with me here, or on location, and designed to produce an emotive memorable image like the one above. It’s your job to persuade them to let me photograph them... that could be the tough bit!

They will spend an hour with me chatting and relaxing as I take their picture. You are welcome to be there too if you feel it is important. Should they be infirm or suffering from a physical or mental condition I will work sensitively to ensure they are at ease with everything I do.

Of course many of our mums and dads are sprightly and full of the joys of life, so if you would like them to be captured in full flow that’s fine too!

Sessions including a framed 10” x 8” image are ¬£99.

Location sessions within a 10-mile radius of Harleston are included in the above price. Travel is charged at 40p per mile thereafter.

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