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What if the worst should happen?

Sunday 10th April 2016

It's wedding fair season, and I have spent several Sundays recently promoting my services at wedding fairs around Norfolk and Suffolk.

In the course of meeting many lovely engaged couples who are planning the biggest day of their lives one common theme emerges  ... no one seems prepared for the fact that something could go wrong with their big day. Now I don't mean the rain, the button holes don't arrive or the best man makes an embarrassing comment in his speech. I am talking about family emergencies, broken legs at the stag do, being taken ill or the venue goes bust/burns down etc.

Have you got the money to re-create your entire big day all over again???  Remember that in these situations that you may not have any control over you can still be liable to your suppliers for payment if the wedding is cancelled within so many weeks of the big day. Not all suppliers can rearrange their schedules to accommodate rebooked dates, and may still charge you a fee to do this, even if they can.

Most of the couples that I mentioned the words wedding insurance to were not even aware if its existence.

Add up the cost in your budget for your venue, dress, photographer, flowers, suits, bridemaids & bestmen bits and bobs, accommodation, the food, the entertainment, the honeymoon..... how much is that lot going to cost you? Regardless of your budget being big or small overall could you pay for this all over again if you had to? I know I couldn't. 

So why am I telling you this? Last year at a wedding I was covering the bride was taken ill the night before the wedding. The impact on the next day was such that we had a very brief ceremony with a very poorly bride, after which she went straight back to hospital. A somewhat subdued home based, but incredibly beautiful, marquee reception was still held, but without the new Mr and Mrs, or her parents. Had the couple had the appropriate wedding insurance in place it would have been possible to re-create everything from the bridal prep to the 'ceremony', asx well as the reception etc. 

The peace of mind that having some protection for your big day can give you should not be underestimated. Its a one-off very reasonable premium and can be found online with anyone from John Lewis Plc and Debenhams  to many others via MoneySupermarket

Be smart! Get it covered!

Happy wedding planning xx


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