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Does your business portrait sell you to your potential clients?

Friday 23rd March 2018

Long before the rise of the internet and social media as a way to connect with other people to grow your business we all had to rely on the Yellow Pages, local knowledge, an ad in the paper or just a plain business card. I don’t remember many business networking groups around when I was first working in the world of business in the late 1970s.

Now everything we do is very much more visual, with most businesses having a website and a social media presence. You can also network face to face every day of the week if you want to. Social media platforms such as Google+, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter encourage us to upload a picture of ourselves to facilitate more interaction between each other.

The adage ‘people buy people’ is very true, but how can your photo help you get the right people wanting to buy from you? Your headshot is one of the most powerful business tools that you have at your disposal. A great headshot will communicate professionalism and show that you are "open for business".  It will also enable people to engage with you, and may actually help you to raise your profile.

I am amazed at some of the choices of an image used on for promoting a business. What will a grinning selfie taken at a party do to raise your business profile in such a way that potential clients will want to do business with you? Or, however nice, a photo of you and your spouse on your wedding day??

How can you present the image your customers will want to engage with? It depends on what you want to say. Should it be formal or informal? By informal I still mean professional. Where will you want to use it? Networking, websites, brochures and social media are the usual places. However, I am a strong believer that your image should also be on your business cards. How many business cards do you get handed to you at an event? Can you remember the person you spoke to weeks later when you are trying to recall a potentially important conversation with them? Pop your picture on the reverse (or front if the design allows).

Ok, so now you are ready to get that head shot done. Here’s how:

·       Book a session with a professional head shot photographer. Look at their headshot portfolio.

·       Decide if it needs to be a studio shot or an environmental portrait i.e. you in your work surroundings.

·       Discuss with them the image/feeling you want to portray. Discuss clothing, backgrounds etc.

·       Think about personal grooming. Men – get your hair cut, shave. Ladies - think hair & makeup.

·       Look at headshot ideas on Pinterest. There are some great ideas on there to discuss with your photographer

An important point to note if you have a team of people to get photographed, both as individuals and as a group, is to decide if they should all be dressed with a colour theme, or in matching uniforms, ties etc. That way you will ensure everyone knows what is expected of them, and you will achieve the desired look and feel that works with your branding.

If you are considering updating the headshots of you, or you and your team, please give me a call on (01379) 855129 or complete the contact form on my website. All consultations are free.


telephone: (01379) 855129


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