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A Mother's Love

Sunday 6th March 2016

Not many people will have missed the fact that today is Mother's Day in the UK. I was looking for a quote that I feel sums up what people tell me about motherhood, and I came across this.  I have never had children - by choice - it was just not for me. I am very lucky to have a beautiful step-daughter and step-grandaughter, whom I love dearly.

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Now, in my life as a photographer, I spend many hours taking images of mums to be, mums and their babies and family groups. 

I believe that I can understand the strength of these bonds, despite not having experienced it for myself.  Watching new mums (and dads!) in the studio with their little one gives me endless pleasure. The hardest of men melt when they are holding their offspring, whilst still retaining the essence of being the proud hunter/gatherer of the family unit. The protective arms and shining eyes of mum give baby the sense of security so needed at this time. Together these make for wonderful images. Many couples often shy away from having their photograph taken, but suddenly become perfectly happy in front of my lens when showing off their new creation!

Many families come to see me when the baby is still very young, as part of my Cherubs club. I love to see how much the tiny bundle has grown and changed in the months in between their 2nd and 3rd sittings. I am fascinated by peoples personalities, so seeing this little person emerge from such tiny beginnings is quite enthralling. I can see how first steps and first words mean so much to mums and dads. 

Some ladies love to come and have their blooming bump photographed before the baby comes. By this time they are usually around 36 weeks, and often have a very lively baby in there! Pregnancy can truly make most ladies bloom, but even if they are feeling sore, uncomfortable and tired there is always a photographic style which will make them feel wonderful when they see their images. The human body is an amazing thing. In my previous career as a massage therapist I had to learn in some depth about the physiological changes during each trimester of pregnancy. How high up the body the uterus comes, how the body makes space for all this, the increase in the quantity of blood flowing around the body, and many more changes beside. 

I hope that I will continue to learn and understand the amazing journey from pregnancy through to the first steps and beyond. It is a fascinating story to watch unfold, and I am priviledged to capture these precious times. People ask me if I regret not having children of my own. My answer is still the same - the experience was not for me. However what I have learnt about becoming parents since I have been doing this job has been a very fulfilling experience.

If you and your bump would like to come and see me to collect your baby memories I would love to see you. ♥


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