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Welcome to my Blog page. Here you will find out what I have been up to each month, with images and stories from my commissions.

Sunshine, Sunflowers and Socks!

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

I love shooting at the Boathouse on Ormesby Broad. Tom and Amy's wonderful yellow themed wedding in August just suited the blue skies and water as the backdrop to their big day. They had opted for my Full Works package which enabled them to have two photographers so each could see the other's bridal preparation when they looked back at their wedding photographs.

A fry-up started the order of the day for Tom and his Groomsmen, before they headed back to the house to get ready. At home Tom and Amy adore their gorgeous cats Pumpkin and Tango, who, as they couldn't really come to the wedding, were represented by Tom's beautiful photographic cufflinks. The boys' homage to the yellow theme were a pair of bright yellow socks and a Sunflower in the lapel.

Whilst my assistant Kay was with the boys I headed to the Boathouse to meet up with Amy and her tribe. Bridesmaid Amanda used her professional make-up skills to create some stunning work on the bridal party, and everyone's hair was also beautifully styled. Amy was fitted into her stunning gown by the Bridesmaids, who were already kitted out in stunning yellow floating dresses. The tiny flower girls wore white with yellow accessories and page boy Jack had a gorgeous yellow cravat to go with his suit. Then we're off to the jetty to board the boat to the venue. I love seeing everyone sail away full of anticipation!

Back at the Boathouse a nervous Tom was greeting friends and family. Despite his nerves he had the hugest smile plastered all over his face! It was hot on the deck as everyone waited for Amy to arrive. Then the boat appeared and she soon floated down the aisle towards Tom waiting in the Gazebo. Amy's sister Lucy delivered a very emotional reading and there wasn't a dry eye in the house, including mine! As usual at the Boathouse we headed off to the boat again to cruise on the lake for their personal portraits session. I love this boat - it is so beautiful and always feels nice and stable. I hate boats and being able to move around safely on this one is a great help. Tom and Amy sipped champagne and kissed - alot! It was a tad windy to say the least, and keeping her veil in the boat was a bit of a challenge.

Once on dry land, and the group shots done, the wedding breakfast began. Everyone was amazed at the fabulous crocheted table centres, made by Amy, her Mum and her Nanny. Totally original and a real talking point. Speeches  done, everyone retired to the deck to enjoy the evening sun. A horrendous rain storm hammered down during the wedding breakfast... perfect timing as the sun was out again just in time to enjoy it. The little ones seem to have endless energy running around and around the Gazebo! Tom and Amy were thrilled when the family dogs arrived complete with yellow crocheted collars and leads! I think it really made their day.

I love photographing the first dance and the party afterwards, and I wasn't disappointed by Tom, Amy and their guests! Fab music and lots of fun ensued. We slipped away to set up a striking night time shot in the Gazebo for the bride and groom before we left them to party on down until the small hours.

As well as using us for their photographs the couple chose these fabulous suppliers to make their day special:

Flowers:     Darling Buds

Wedding dress & Bridesmaid dresses:    The Wedding Shop Bungay

Rings:    Laura Moore Jewellery   - Tom and Amy made their own rings with Laura's guidance.

Mens suitsYoungs Suit Hire, via Debenhams

Band:   Bare Necessities

Hair:   Hairdressing by Zara

Make up:  Amanda Hirst from Nicola's Health & Beauty Beccles

Venue:   The Boathouse at Ormesby

VideoMagic Video Moments

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Celebrations at Caistor Hall

Wednesday 26th July 2017

Wow! What a day we had for Carl and Laura's wedding. It was very warm and sunny, and Laura started the day giggling. She didn't stop all day. It was lovely to see her so relaxed and happy. Her betrothed, Carl, was a little less lively due to some last minute celebrations the night before, but he soon caught up!

Both of them had opted to have us photograph their preparations so we had a chance to meet up with the other important members of the bridal party over the morning too. It was great to see two happy relaxed families preparing for such a big day. Her beautiful dress from La Creme Brides in Norwich looked amazing, as did her stunning Bridesmaids in dresses from Dreams Bridal, also near Norwich.

The ceremony and reception were to be held at the beautiful Caistor Hall, just south of Norwich. A lovely venue with very diligent and friendly staff for which nothing was too much trouble. The ceremony on the raised mezzanine floor of the Palm Court room made it easy for everyone to see the couple clearly as they made their vows. I saw many handkerchiefs dabbing away, not least by Laura's proud Dad.

The terrace at Caistor Hall was a fab place for the guests to spend time celebrating with Carl & Laura. Vast lawns for little ones to run about on and a great location for the group shots. I always enjoy seeing the couples faces during the confetti throw!

Later Carl and Laura joined myself and my assistant Kay as we went walkabout around the grounds of the hotel for their personal portrait session. This is an important time for couples as they get to spend some time alone wandering at leisure for the first time as husband & wife. Capturng these special moments is one of my favourite parts of the working day. Here we were spoilt for choice of locations to use. So much so that we came back again later in the evening to the very back of the grounds for some lovely evening sunlight shots in the meadow. I bravely smothered my hayfever and lay in the long grass to catch the very best of the golden light.

During dinner the Head Waiter suddenly transformed into a fantastic Opera singer who gave a rendition of many favourites, and was cheered loudly by everyone. What a voice he had!

The beautiful cake made by Lucy's Cakery was deftly sliced in front of all the guests before Carl whisked Laura to the floor for a sparkling first dance. Superb entertainment via Compact Roadshow soon filled the dance floor right up for some great party photos, and then it was time for us to leave.

A day filled with love and fun. Carl and Laura have a bond that is unshakeable and spending time with them on their special day was an honor and a privilege. We wish them a long and happy future together.

Other suppliers: 
Florist: La Belle Flowers
Rings: Fraser Hart Norwich
Singer: Ben Lake

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#bride #groom # bridalportraits

Surviving the wedding chaos

Friday 7th July 2017

Wedding season is in full swing! It always amazes me how much each wedding differs from the last. Yes, the bare bones of prep, ceremony, reception etc. all follow more or less the same lines, but it is the personalities of the couple and their guests that shape each one.

Weddings can be stressful for those involved, and remaining calm and relaxed is sometimes difficult for the couple and their bridal party. Most days are pretty chilled, but occasionally I come across someone having a really hard time on the wedding morning, with anything from tears to having to stay near the loo.

Over the years I have found these little things can make an enormous difference to how stressed out you feel on the big day:

 1.     Make sure you eat. Not everyone eats breakfast I know, but usually you have some time later in the morning for a bowl of cereal or some yoghurt & fruit. Adrenaline from the excitement may make you feel food is the last thing you want, but your body will need some fuel to get you through all the excitement until the meal. A banana is a great quick snack.

 2.     Make sure you drink. This is even MORE important than eating, and I don’t mean just alcohol!  Why not enjoy some bubbly while you are getting dressed! Just add several glasses of water during the morning. Wedding clothes are always hot, the weather may be hot, and the wedding jitters will also make you sweat out valuable fluid. Dehydration is the biggest cause of headaches, and heatstroke.

I know from bitter experience, as I didn’t drink enough when photographing a wedding one very hot day, and gently passed out under a tree after the group shots. Two pints of iced water & an aspirin and I was back raring to go. Never again will I make that mistake!


 3.     Make sure you have planned enough time to get ready.

Ladies, having your hair and makeup done is a really fab part of the day, but it can sometimes take longer than you think. If it overruns, and you and your Beautician/Hairstylist have under-estimated the time you need, it can have a big impact on being ready in time. Use your trial to really get the time needed sorted. If you are having photographs at the house/hotel before you leave these could get missed as the photographer may have to leave before you are ready so that they can get to the ceremony in time.

Dresses that lace up at the back can be really fiddly when everyone is rushing, and take up to 20 minutes to do. Handy hint: get a Crochet hook – it makes a HUGE difference to doing up tiny looped buttons.

Add in a hot day and children to get ready as well and you have a lovely recipe for mega-stress.

Guys, get up early enough to all get showered, shaved  & dressed in good time. We all know ladies take longer to get ready, but you have to be at the venue earlier than they do!


4.     Make a list of what to take with you. Delegate tasks beforehand. Someone else can then gather it all up and transport it for you, leaving you free to just get in the car and breathe. This applies to the Groom and Bride equally.

5.     Remember the day is about you and your partner.

Easy to say, but it is even easier to stress over the venue, the flowers and the speeches. In practice no one apart from you will notice that someone has forgotten to put on their buttonhole, or the meal is 10 minutes late. Take some deep breaths on your way to the church, savour the moment even if you are nervous.



6.     Sit back and allow the professionals to work their magic.

You will have spent many hours choosing the people working on your wedding. Trust them to do their job and focus on having fun with your guests. The day will pass so quickly. Time spent wondering if they have put the name plates on the table the right way round, or checking everyone has got a drink will be time missed with your nearest and dearest.


Everyone I have worked with since I have been a photographer has said that their wedding day was the best day of their lives, and that good prior planning made it all happen seamlessly. After all it’s meant to be a party! Go have some fun!


Until next time..


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Who is Lisa North?

Sunday 18th June 2017

I firmly believe that one of the most important things about working with clients is that we have the chance to get to know each other a little before the shoot begins. This has proved a key part of the process of helping them to feel relaxed in front of the camera. Most of that pre-shoot time chatting to clients about the lives, and very little about me, which is how it should be I think.

Many of my business contacts don’t really know much about me beyond work so I thought I would put a bit of meat on my bones – metaphorically speaking.

I am a Norfolk country girl through and through. My roots are in North Norfolk, and I lived there until I was about 6 before we moved South to near Bungay. I still love going to my favourite childhood places near there whenever I can.  This was the day after a recent wedding job in the area at the river in Little Thornage near Holt. I played in the river with my sister on many summer days after school, and on holidays with Nanny & Grandad.

My Dad worked as a gamekeeper as well as breeding and training gundogs, mostly black Labradors. Hence my love of dogs, especially Labs. Our own dear girl, Cindy is now 12 and very grey. Officially she is my husband Malcolm’s dog but we love her equally! 

Horses have paid an immense part in my life too. Having learned to ride on the ponies owned by my Dad’s employer when I was about 8, I spent many happy years bombing around on various borrowed, and eventually owned, equine friends. Sadly, my last beloved horse, Twiggy, died aged 30 in 2001, and now that I am self-employed I no longer have the time to look after a horse. 


My childhood sweetheart Malc and I married in 2007. We met again through Friends Reunited in 2003 after many years, and now enjoy domestic wedded bliss at home and on our holidays. These are not especially adventurous, however, as I am not a keen flyer.  We like to book a beautiful cottage somewhere in the UK so Cindy can come too. Below is us all on the beach in Dorset.



Having rambled on it's time for some quick fire info:

I love …..


Chocolate … in all forms

Hugh Jackman (who doesn’t?)

1920s/30s/40s style

Horses, dogs, cats - all animals, in fact

Coffee at 11 and Tea at 3 (with cake of course).

Dancing to my favourite music in the living room.


I hate …..


Flying – turbulence scares me senseless.

Insincerity in people

Chinese food

Really hot weather

Politics - yawn!

One day I said I would write my own autobiography. It's not for anyone else, just for me. This is so that when I can't remember stuff anymore when I am really old I can read about my life. Some may think this is strange, but in my business making memories is what it's all about.

It is going to be a really busy next few months as I am expanding the studio into another part of the same building. With lots of weddings to do too I may not spend much time sitting down!


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